Oct. 26th, 2015

aeddubh: (dream)
R.I.P. Ed Walker, host of WAMU's "The Big Broadcast"

For the past several years, we made a point of listening to his show, often on the way home from our cabin.  Usually just our favorites, which were the traditional opening pieces- "Johnny Dollar", "Dragnet", and "Gunsmoke".  I also appreciated his admonition to forget about the cares of the week just past and the cares of the week to come...

We knew last night was his last show, and listened on the way home as usual.  I also took a moment to listen to the end of the show at 11:00, and hear his characteristic signoff.  He died only a few hours after that show aired... I guess his work was done here.  A life well lived.

Ave atque vale.

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